Beginning Processing and Arduino

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What are we going to do?

This course will introduce two development environments: Processing and Arduino. We will begin by learning the basics of each and proceed by getting them to talk to each other so that we can control graphical elements in Processing with physical sensors hooked up to the Arduino.

Course Overview

  • Session 1: Processing
  • Session 2: Arduino
  • Session 3: Making Processing and Arduino Talk


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Session 1: Processing

In this session you will learn how to generate and manipulate video and images in real-time.

Introducing Processing

  • What is Processing
  • Exercise 1
    • Open up Processing and go to Examples... under the Files menu
    • Run different examples to see what you can do.

Basic Drawing


  • Mouse Events in Processing
  • Keyboard Events in Processing
  • Exercise 3
    • Create a "screen saver" animation that runs until you move the mouse or kit a key.
  • Detecting Where the Mouse is in Processing
  • Exercise 4
    • Make your landscape interactive. Add a sunrise or another animation.

Keeping Track of Data

Expanding Processing

  • Using External Libraries
    • OpenGL and GL Graphics
    • ToxicLibs
    • Video

Session 2: Arduino

In this session you will learn how to work with digital and analogue sensors that detect what is happening the real world.

Introducing Arduino

Working with Sensors

Session 3: Making Processing and Arduino Talk

Introducing Serial Communication

Sending More Complicated Messages

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